Audit & Compliance Assurance

Managing Your Triple Bottom Line with Gensuite’s Environmental Compliance Cloud-Based Applications (Infographic)

As compliance for your energy management systems gets more complex, and expectations for your social responsibility are getting higher, what keeps companies on the right track for their sustainable practices? Instead of solely focusing on their bottom line, many companies are now adopting the triple bottom line system, also simply Read more…

Audit & Compliance Assurance

How Digitizing Your Workers’ Compensation Management Strategy Can Save Employees & Business

In recent years, not much has changed in the way organizations manage workers’ compensation. Many companies still use paper and excel-based methods. Some may say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but that mentality is dangerous when it comes to compensating injured employees. Choosing to digitize your workers’ compensation Read more…

Audit & Compliance Assurance

Gensuite India Conference Recap: EHS Implementation Success Stories and Technology Advancements for Compliance in India

On June 22nd, 2018 Gensuite welcomed 50+ participants across fourteen subscribing groups, and five partners and prospects to the fifth annual Gensuite India Conference in Banagluru. Tech leaders discussed and shared best practices and topics covered new smart technologies being implemented by Gensuite. Here’s a conference recap of the exceptional Read more…