Supporting & Protecting You and Your Employees in Times of Need, Digitally.

Gensuite has always been a dependable and trusted partner, and in the current time of crisis, as EHS professionals, we are determined to do everything we can to help you stay connected wherever you are, digitally.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re responding rapidly to gather a library of helpful external and internal resources – including new pandemic exposure tools.

Gensuite Pandemic Exposure Tools

Gensuite is responding rapidly to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak with new pandemic management capabilities to help its subscribers manage the impact of the virus in their operations. See below for current application updates and integrations Gensuite has developed in collaboration with subscribing companies and partners.

Incidents & Measurements (I&M) Pandemic Exposure Event Reporting Form
Enables tracking of workplace exposure incidents involving COVID-19 and has now been made available to all subscribers.

Pandemic Exposure Log
Enables tracking of exposures to individual persons with the ability to track follow-up actions taken at the site, and the status of individual exposed persons, as well as testing, quarantine, and return to work dates

Reg Tracker Application Module
Report and track regulatory changes associated with COVID-19

Gensuite is actively reallocating resources and updating its 2020 product roadmap to focus on supporting subscribers with solutions to help manage the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

Complimentary Gensuite READY COVID-19 Package

As an initiative to support the Indian business community and the EHS Fraternity, we are pleased to extend a limited complimentary Gensuite READY COVID-19 Package - A cloud-hosted solution, with a ready-to-use suite of applications on the Gensuite READY India Platform, pre-configured with Incident Management (w/ Pandemic Exposure tracking/managing capability) and Action Management program, for six (6) months at NO cost.
COVID-19 package information Contact Us for More Information

Other Helpful Tools

Med Care ™
Enable your site to track clinic visits, medical surveillance, incident reporting, follow-up and return to work, with opportunities to integrate with workers’ compensation and claims tracking solutions

Change Management Software
Execute change more confidently with gensuite change management software to manage processes, compliance and risks from operational change

Employee Engagement Software
Enhance employee involvement in health and safety critical improvement activities with gensuite employee engagement software



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  • Tool and resource updates:
    • Pandemic exposure event form
    • Pandemic exposure log
    • Reg Tracker COVID-19 updates
    • Expanded Gensuite Training offerings
  • Knowledge and experience sharing from Gensuite subscribers and partners
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"As a software provider whose fundamental purpose is delivering maximum support for employee health and safety, we understand that our role is more critical now than ever. Gensuite is committed and working quickly to support our local and global subscriber community through the COVID-19 pandemic."

Naveen GV, Managing Director | Gensuite