Steve Jobs dropped out of college. Oprah left local news. And Colonel Sanders was 65 when he discovered Kentucky Fried Chicken. What do these three people have in common? They weren’t afraid to change in order to find success.

Many business managers struggle to convey the value in deploying compliance and management software to their management, despite its many benefits. Such software can reduce operational risks, conserve resources, ensure sustainability, protect the environment and employees, all while improving the bottom line. So, what gives? From our experience as Software as a Service providers of compliance and management systems solutions, we realize that one major obstacle in getting management buy-in is the resistance to change. Sometimes, you have to be disruptive to transform business for the better, even if that means changing a system that has been used for years.  Here are some tips for presenting the case.

  • Point out a need for change

What isn’t working? What are we missing? How are we losing? These are questions to ask yourself and your C-Suite when addressing a need for compliance and management systems software. It’s important to have straight priorities when introducing a solution, and understanding your risk points is the first step in discovering what your program priorities are.

But, how can you state a position that everyone can get onboard with? Paint this picture: workplace incidents lead to loss of productivity, and loss of productivity equals loss of money. When workers are injured, when workers need to be re-trained, when incidents lead to lawsuits, money is lost. Compliance and management systems software prevents such losses from happening.

  • Have a plan

Now that you’ve identified the problem, you need to present a plan for action. Do your research beforehand! We know that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to compliance and management systems software, but don’t feel overwhelmed. We’ve created a detailed guide on how to select a system and create a solid plan in this blog post. Once you’ve chosen the right system and have developed a plan, it’s important to articulate to leadership exactly how the solution will solve program problems and how it will align with business processes.

  • Try out a solution

How skeptical can management be if they try a system and see it in action, working its magic? Once management experiences the benefits of deploying compliance and management systems software, it’s unlikely that they’ll want to go back to a less productive way of doing things. We offer a Free Trial Gensuite solution to consumers, so that they can see for themselves how our tools simplify and enhance compliance and process tasks.

Steve Jobs, Oprah and Colonel Sanders knew that to find success, they had to disrupt the norm. Convincing management can be tough, but as long as you are able to identify the risks, have a clear plan and demonstrate how an IT system can change your programs for the better, you’ll have an easier time gaining approval. Ready to make the change? You don’t have to do it alone. Gensuite offers complimentary Webinars and demonstrations so you can learn more about the many benefits in adopting compliance and management systems software. Visit for more info.


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