This year’s Gensuite Conference led to many moments of sharing new and exciting ideas. Of course, there were also many who were just starting their relationship with Gensuite and even those who were prospects looking to learn more about our software solutions. For these new and potential subscribers, we had two sessions where Gensuite champions were able to share their experiences with our cloud-based solution and give advice on successful implementation and how they carried the momentum.

Launching Implementation

The first session centered on successfully implementing Gensuite software. Looking to get rid of their old, antiquated system they had in place, one Gensuite subscriber looked towards Gensuite for a new solution. Their goal? To find a set of tools that would allow EHS teams to manage injuries, incidents, audits and checklists. Through other EHS software system providers, this business-specific solution would cost upwards of $40,000 to build from the ground up. Gensuite offered functionality they needed, at a cost-effective price—the perfect match for the company.

To gather interest from his company, our Gensuite Champion engaged his stakeholders and management with thorough email communication and Gensuite training Webinars to educate his team about Gensuite software. After buy-in, our subscriber started to rollout the new EHS system plan. Their advice?

  • Implement applications slowly
  • Gradually rollout across multiple sites and learn what works and doesn’t work for your company
  • Utilize Mobile to help integrate employees into the applications’ use

Implement applications slowly, “one at a time,” he stated, “starting with the basics.” With this plan, our subscriber was able to improve their company’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recordkeeping and compliance efforts while also engaging workers with Mobile integration. This mix of Mobile and gradual rollout gave onsite workers the confidence to learn the software and use it with confidence.

Keeping Momentum

To keep the momentum going, we had a second session for guest speakers and Gensuite Super Users to share their experience and advice, headlined by two subscribers who manage EHS at a media company. After running four Gensuite system pilots for over 2,000 employees, the company wanted to keep their ergonomics program ball rolling. While the initial response was positive, it wasn’t without some growing pains. The self-assessments that were going out to employees were often left incomplete and the workload of the EHS supervisor increased immensely.

As a response, the team decided to customize their ergonomics software to better fit the needs of their company and employees. To them, that meant:

  • Customizing the software to be simpler for their employees to use
  • Reviewing and managing the amount of new work their EHS supervisor was receiving
  • Continuing to review the software and make adjustments where needed

This simplified process led to more completed forms and provided consolidated information to the supervisor, lessening their workload. The result was more employees getting the attention they needed and creating a healthier workplace.

In another shared story of continued momentum, one company shared how to overcome challenges after being acquired by another company. The challenge that the company faced was in proving the success they experienced with Gensuite and why it was worth the continued investment. To prove the need for Gensuite, this subscriber:

  • Showed user case information from before and after Gensuite implementation to show the improvement
  • Demonstrated the use of Gensuite University to successfully teach new software to employees
  • Showcased Gensuite’s best-in-class customer support program

“If you have new employees, I cannot recommend Gensuite University enough,” our subscriber explained. With the resources and benefits Gensuite provided to this subscriber, the acquired company was able to successfully plead their case to keep Gensuite software.

The 2018 Gensuite Conference was a great time for new and skilled subscribers alike to come together to share their experiences with each other. From collaboration, comes innovation. To stay up-to-date on Gensuite’s latest innovations, visit us on


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