Gensuite is never stagnant. We are constantly working towards learning more about the industries we serve, and we learn the most from our amazing subscribers. During our 2018 Regional Conference in Paris, our European team learned about how our subscribers experience Gensuite software, but also were reminded of how the world of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) in Europe is in constant change. And for many reasons.

Perhaps the largest conduit of change for HSE in Europe is new legislation being not just enacted, but heavily enforced. Even without these enforcements, we’re seeing many companies being held accountable by their customers and the world at large. Citizens, now more than ever, are contributing to the change in this age of information. This, as I see it, is clearly seen in Europe as it is compounded with legal compliance companies must continue to meet.

While the GDPR was a major milestone in personal data protection, there are countless other regulations that make their way to European industries. National entities like the European Union are consistently creating new obligations and regulations that either must be legally abided by or will even give competitive advantage to those that do. The EU has already set several new regulations in 2018 alone, if this is any indication of the future, we’ll have to contend with many more down the road. Like a proposal for safer water irrigation and further improvements and implementations of the 10-year-old Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals program ( for safer chemical working conditions.

In addition to the regulatory climate in Europe, we noticed the topic of technology engulfing many of our attendee’s conversations at our Gensuite Regional Conference hosted in Paris, France. While this isn’t a new topic by any means, technology has in fact been a consistent discussion for many years now, I did notice how it’s changed. We’re expecting more from our technology, more than ever we presume that we’ll be able to more easily integrate robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and applications with our existing human workers.

With these rising expectations, that means our subscribers are expecting more innovation in their technological solutions. Not just in the performance of an application but in the execution as well. What good is an application if they can’t access internet on the factory floor, or speak to an AI when it’s too loud, or log inventory hands-free? These expectations require innovative solutions.

This is why Gensuite creates applications that evolve with you. Our modules are available on and offline with Mobile capabilities—enabling you to take Gensuite on the move. Or with our latest AI, Genny™, where you’re able to both speak and type your query if the noise of your location becomes an obstacle. And when we talk about the future of hands-free work, we see Smart Glasses in our future. Our focus on new technologies is how we stay relevant in an ever-changing industry.

New legislations, regulations and innovations are why we’re having conferences around the world, to develop new solutions for Europe and beyond. We need to talk to those who are discovering new possibilities, those who are working in the industries that are embracing change—our amazing subscribers. While we pride ourselves on innovation, we know that it isn’t possible without the feedback and suggestions from those who benefit from our innovations. With Europe being a beautiful place for business, for great people and for change, we look forward to implementing ideas shared this year and into 2019.

The Regional Gensuite Conferences are just one of the ways our subscribers can get involved in the conversation. See how you can have your voice heard by visiting our events page for upcoming opportunities near you!

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