Achieving compliance is not a unique responsibility for Canadian businesses, but it is just as important here as it is all around the world. This is why we hosted one of our many Regional Gensuite Conferences in Ontario, so we can connect to our subscribers in the area and learn how we can more effectively help them reach their compliance & management goals. As the lead for this year’s conference in Ontario, I had the task of catering to our subscribers’ needs to collaborate and find solutions during the conference. We are committed to not only focusing on industry-wide issues, but business-specific challenges as well, solving the particular needs for individual subscribers. Of all the conversations and presentations I was able to be a part of, my big takeaways from this year were that Canada is a country of progress that is not only setting long-term goals, but is determined to reach them as well.

This year, one of Gensuite’s biggest focuses was our how our subscribers can implement our new innovative line of Frontier Technology into their programs. This includes the already popular Mobile application that is widely used, and our latest Artificial Intelligence (AI), Genny™. The conference setting was able to give every one of our subscribers a voice, whether that be through questions, concerns, or advice on Gensuite implementation strategies. Our line of Frontier Technology doesn’t just stop at what we can use today, it also calls into question the ideas of tomorrow. The future will involve frequent updates and improvements to Genny™ as well as entirely new technologies.

Planning for the future also includes planning for changing standards in compliance. Our Ontario subscribers are already in the midst of the Five Year Climate Change Action Plan, which will build the foundation for a more environmentally-friendly future. But plans also go well beyond 5 years, as we’re also setting the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, and we’re currently on track to obtain that immense goal. In order to keep working towards this goal, we need to make sure our Gensuite solutions don’t just reach the compliance standards for today, but for the decades to come.

The innovations that the Gensuite community are developing today are setting us up for a bright future. Gensuite Mobile has evolved to serve the needs of our users now and as they grow; with features like QR Code scanning, photo editing, offline forms and the ability to take quick notes. Additionally, we have made the recent addition of integrating Tableau into our Gensuite Analytics modules. This has improved the data visualization, customization and communication capabilities, making it easier than ever before for our users to customize their data analytics and reporting. Even our AI, Genny™, is improving every day with our subscribers having the ability to give feedback on her capabilities, for our team to continuously improve what she can do for our users. For our subscribers in Canada who are looking ahead at the years to come, these technology improvements can make a big difference in how they achieve compliance.

With our Regional Gensuite Conference in Toronto, myself and the rest of our amazing team members were given a chance to not just communicate our ideas to our growing subscriber base, but also receive constructive feedback on our software while also listening to how EHS and Compliance are changing in the region. If we want to stay competitive and on the cutting-edge of innovation, we need to always stay one step ahead. And if we want to ensure our Canadian subscribers keep reaching their progressive goals, we need to make our connection with them stronger every year. Our regional conferences allow us to do just that. Want to learn more about how you can connect with us at Gensuite events? Visit to see where we are heading or hosting next!

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