In recent years, not much has changed in the way organizations manage workers’ compensation. Many companies still use paper and excel-based methods. Some may say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but that mentality is dangerous when it comes to compensating injured employees.
Choosing to digitize your workers’ compensation strategy can improve & streamline your program, making it easier than ever to manage claims. And having a strong workers’ comp plan can put your employees’ minds at ease. Your management plan can be improved in several meaningful ways by simply choosing to go digital. Here are some ways implementing workers’ compensation software can positively impact your program:

1.) Save Time
With a digital solution, your team can consolidate complicated paperwork and several processes into one streamlined solution that fits into the palm of your hand. Plus, with the ability to customize your software to fit the specific needs of your organization, you can be sure that all the information you’re utilizing is exactly what your team needs.

2.) Improves Consistency & Accuracy
With simple to understand, easy to follow steps, your workers’ compensation can be standardized to improve consistency. Being a digital solution, the accuracy of the compensation plan can be improved upon leading to fewer mistakes and less wasted time.

3.) Greater, Instant Communications
Making sure that everyone has access to the same information and the ability to communicate wherever they are empowers employees to feel connected to your organization’s workers’ comp strategy. With everyone having a smart device on their desk or in their pockets, we can connect to everyone no matter where they are.

4.) Keeps You Up-To-Date
With management software, you’ll never have to scrounge for the latest updates in workers’ compensation that could leave your team with outdated and non-compliant procedures. Get notified of revisions and additions made to compensation standards so your worker’s are never left out of what they deserve.

5.) Simplifies by Integrating with 3rd Party Administrators
Gensuite works with subscribers to simplify workers’ compensation by integrating Injury and Illness data with 3rd party administrators to improve the quality of their data, reduce the time it takes to process new claims, and provides real-time access to potential claim costs and final claim payouts.

We care about worker health and rehabilitation, that’s why workers’ compensation programs are so vital. Having a strong plan that puts employees first is key for any industry. While today, we’re pushing the importance of safety programs and injury prevention, we can’t make the claim that injuries will never occur while your workers are on the clock. That’s why it’s so important to not only take the time to have a great workers’ compensation plan, but to make it the best it can possibly be with software solutions made with your employees in mind.

Learn more about how Gensuite’s Workers’ Comp software solution can help you streamline your own process.

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