Did you know that there are now roughly 2 billion smartphone users in the world? Mobile smart technology is everywhere around us today. This isn’t limited to just smartphones and tablets, but also smartwatches, smart bracelets, smart glasses, smart clothing and even smart shoes. Mobile technology is constantly becoming more affordable, more capable and easier to use. In fact, it’s hard to now go even one day without being connected to a mobile device at all times.

It’s not just our personal lives, but our professional careers as well are increasingly impacted and enhanced by mobile technology. In a recent survey of 125 Gensuite users, 48% said that they use the Gensuite Mobile App several times a week; another 33.6% said that they use it at least once a week. This survey reflects how EHS professionals are increasingly turning to Mobile technology to streamline how they execute their responsibilities. Gensuite Mobile users say that the Gensuite app “is a real tool that helps [the user] manage information and work in real time.”, that “using the app to report incidents and safety observations has been a huge time saver” and that the App “makes inspections easy and seamless.” More importantly, as one user put it, it’s “getting better all the time.”

These quotes give you a sense of how Mobile technology is enabling EHS professionals to enhance their effectiveness and business productivity. One Gensuite Mobile user even committed himself to performing 100% of his work via his iPad and the Gensuite on the Go Mobile App. In his experience, managing EHS through Gensuite Mobile was incredibly helpful, and he was able to achieve his business goals of minimizing paperwork while maintaining high efficiency and meeting the customer’s needs. In one example, paper forms used for field observations were saved in the service truck, which would later have to be transferred to a spreadsheet. After transitioning to the Gensuite Mobile App for all field work, not a single field observation has been saved on paper. Mobile technology allows users to use time and resources more efficiently and complete work while in the field.

Gensuite has been at the forefront of offering Mobile-enabled tools since the earliest days of Mobile technology! Back in the early 2000s, our customers were using Pocket PCs and PDAs, so we looked into how we can integrate them with Gensuite. As data plans and Wi-Fi became more ubiquitous, we started to offer real time use of our tools on the field through Gensuite Mobile for functions such as performing inspections and audits. Increasingly better cameras became a standard on mobile devices, so we integrated attachments and photo capabilities to help document findings on the field.

Just like how mobile devices are pushing the limits of innovation, Gensuite continues to innovate while being guided by our user community through feedback in hopes of making their jobs simpler and more efficient. We’ve integrated the usage of QR codes through Gensuite EZ Scan to help users quickly identify findings, inspections and EHS related information on the field. For maximum applicability, we now support a broad array of devices including iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon Kindle!

Looking forward, we are anxious to pair up advancements in Mobile innovations with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and newer tech like Google Glass and virtual assistants. The possibilities are limitless…. here’s to the day that we can cut all the cords and go fully Mobile!

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