In recent years, Mexico has become a key destination for investment from all types of manufacturers – especially from automakers and their suppliers. The country’s aggressive incentives, which include newly available educational and on-the-job training funding, infrastructure improvements and competitive tax abatements are bringing in billions of dollars in investments and creating thousands of Mexican jobs. Though, with any influx of new opportunity, there’s an internalization process. This process includes implementing a variety of compliance-based programs surrounding Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), employee training, quality and manufacturing. With manufacturing on the rise, how have various manufacturing sites throughout Mexico started leading the way in tackling compliance challenges – including a site for a newly added Gensuite subscriber?

Case 1: World-class automotive-manufacturing companies consistently audit responsible EHS practices of their suppliers in Mexico (and elsewhere). One auto manufacturer was applying a chemical coating in the middle of the production floor with only a cardboard box for “protection”, thus subjecting workers to fumes and overspray, sites EBN Online. Thanks to the company auditing the facility, the auto manufacturer built a chemical coating room to conform with EHS standards and protect employee health.

Case 2: Multinational manufacturing companies with facilities in Mexico are increasingly holding their Mexican facilities to the high standards of their headquarters’ locations. In September 2015, Plexus’ EMS facility in Guadalajara, Mexico, achieved ISO 14001 certification. The ISO 14001 certification sets out the critical need for an environmental management system. When certified, it shows that your company maintains certain environmental quality standards and regulations. This certification, “not only supports our customers across our market sectors, but also aligns with Plexus’ values,” said Jose Coelho, Plexus Vice President of Operations, Latin America. In 2013, Sanmina’s Guadalajara operations received two of Mexico’s prestigious corporate social responsibility awards, including the Mexican Center for Philanthropy Socially Responsible Business Distinction Award.

Case 3: In 2018, Gensuite signed a global subscriber with a presence in Europe and Asia but headquartered in Mexico. This manufacturing company produces a variety of materials including auto parts, construction materials and household goods. With such a strong global presence, and a growing infrastructure in Mexico, they required Gensuite to maintain their consistent growth to enhance EHS compliance needs, with applications such as: Compliance CalendarReg Auditor and Doc Manager extending across 12 global sites and 6,000 users. The company is currently using the Gensuite tools to streamline global manufacturing processes to meet EHS compliance and enhance quality processes – particularly at their Mexican corporate site. As the company continues to use Gensuite, we will continue to grow with them to meet their manufacturing needs all across the globe.

It is evident that the Mexican manufacturing industry has taken off with no indication of slowing down. Luckily, there are software tools out there to support industry needs with compliance so the infrastructure can keep up and continue to grow. And just as the Mexican manufacturing industry grows, Gensuite grows with you now and into the future.

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