Everyone is doing it. Corporate teams, youngsters, athletes and even pets. We’re talking about the Mannequin Challenge! Our team is in on the game too, with a video showcasing workplace safety challenges, and specifically on how our Mobile Safety Management software can be used to record incidents at work to prevent future incidents from occurring.

Watch the YouTube Video!

In 2016, we launched our new and improved Gensuite Mobile application, including tools that Gensuite users know and love available on any mobile device to make acting on compliance tasks easy. Gensuite Mobile enables users to improve workforce engagement, gather real-time data, accelerate issue resolution and enhance business productivity with best-in-class mobile technology, anywhere and at any time.

Gensuite Mobile currently has over 25,000 users and is deployed across diverse industries. The applications can be used at on-site operations to log and assign fast Mobile memos for quick follow-up, in-the-field with offline forms, requiring no network connection, and in office settings to log training completions, enter action findings, calendar tasks and more. Using Gensuite Mobile also allows users to leverage device capabilities, including adding image, video and audio attachments to specific findings and leveraging Quick Response (QR) code technology.

Mobile Safety Management software eliminates the job of manually creating and recording observations with pen and pencil. With defined inspection forms at the ready, Gensuite Mobile allows users to record observations and incidents instantly, leveraging mobile capabilities including photo and audio attachments to complete the job on a single device.

What sets Gensuite apart from other companies is that we are constantly evolving our suite of tools to give our subscribers the best solutions in the industry. Gensuite Mobile is a transformative tool for business, putting the power of Gensuite’s compliance and management software in the palm of your hand. Keep your employees safe by giving the gift of Gensuite Mobile Safety Management software this holiday season!

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