We recently concluded our most successful Gensuite Customer Conference ever (May 9-10)!  The conference brought together an amazing group of functional leaders from across our now 200 company-strong subscriber group; together with our partners and team, we shared best practices and charted our future. If you were at the event, we thank you for your support and look forward to working with you on the key initiatives highlighted below over the next year till we meet again.  If you missed the event, please check out the reflections below and connect with us about joining a Regional Conference in the next few months or the May 2019 Gensuite Conference, which is already in the works to follow this year’s remarkable event!

We use our Annual Gensuite Conference to introduce the latest that Gensuite has to offer, share Gensuite successes and best practices, and to generate ideas for the future. In 2018, we focused on two key themes: Implementing the Best in Tech and Designing the Solutions of The Future.

Introducing Hands-Free Gensuite with Genny™ We kicked off the conference by introducing our first-ever virtual assistant—Genny™. Our AI-based Gensuite helper demoed various tasks, such as logging an incident, reciting an EHS briefing and pulling advanced reports with simple voice commands. The crowd expressed enthusiasm for our virtual assistant and even shared ideas for how Genny could better assist their everyday programs—some of which we have already created!   Building Each Other Up—Sharing Best Practices, Stories and Ideas This year hosted an incredible and diverse group of attendees from all walks of Gensuite deployment. Attendees heard first-hand how companies like Tate & Lyle, General Electric, Parker Hannifin and Delta Global Services strategically implement Gensuite. These subscriber-led sessions covered Gensuite Implementation, Technology Implementation, and Pilot-Ready Smart Tech. From successfully managing the switch to the Gensuite system to introducing technologies such as Mobile across work sites and current technology projects, attendees gained insights from each other’s Gensuite experiences to apply to their own programs.

Our best ideas have always come from our subscriber community thinking collaboratively. Now it’s time to see our shared ideas come to life!

To read more about the 2018 Gensuite Conference, check out this insightful blog titled Digital Innovation brought to Life [Monday Musings] by Peter Bussey, LNS Research, who joined us for this year’s conference.

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