Internships have become a cornerstone of modern-day education. They give students and recent graduates a chance to get some relevant experience while also providing them with a mentor who can teach them during their time working. At Gensuite, we value interns; who not only help us with our everyday workload but contribute with their fresh ideas as we help them grow into their career paths. We have several interns over this summer who are excited about the Gensuite lifestyle. Hear from a handful of them and get a glimpse of the Gensuite internship experience.


Nick Mustakangas | Graphic Design Intern | Cincinnati

“I’m always learning and looking for new ways to apply my skills, Gensuite has provided a great sandbox to experiment and grow as a designer. College can only prepare you so much, and an internship here can teach you so much more if you’re willing to learn.”

Nick works as a graphic designer with his mentor, Rebecca Morris, and the rest of the Gensuite marketing team to bring our brand to life. As a graphic designer, he helps prepare social media posts, internal documents, and product pages so that all of our visuals help communicate our message. Nick is a recent graduate from Northern Kentucky University, earning his bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design.









Lauren Andrews | Events Intern | Cincinnati

“My internship with Gensuite gave me the opportunity to make connections with a group of extremely talented individuals and be involved in amazing events.”

Starting her internship on the week of the 2018 Gensuite Conference, Lauren has been active in her role coordinating events with her mentor, Jessica Button and the office coordinator. She’s been able to work on projects that include fundraising for the non-profit BuildOn as well as planning for our future conferences. She plans on using the skills learned here to get her Political Science degree from the University of Kentucky.










Dulce Marquez | HR Intern | Mexico City

“I think that the first time I gave an induction to a new team member was a standout moment. Introducing the company to a new partner was something great for me because I was the first real contact between our organization and an employee. Making that first impression matters a lot, I realized the value that HR has.”

Studying Business Development and Innovation at the Aguascalientes Technological University, Dulce gets to perform the daily duties of a Gensuite HR worker. So, whether that means integrating the newest Gensuite Team member to working on internal events like our Wellness Program, Dulce is able to be an active participant to learn and take on new challenges.









Akhila Vudatha | Product Management Intern | Cincinnati

“My time at Gensuite has been awesome! I always wanted to become a full stack web developer and Gensuite has given me the opportunity to explore new technologies and take on new challenges.”

Working on getting her Master’s in Computer Science at the University of Cincinnati, Akhila is able to take on several challenges that give her a step up on her peers with great experience opportunities from Gensuite. This is especially when you can see your work in the final product, like it has for Akhila.










Emma Krummenacher | IT Project Management & Internal Systems Intern | Cincinnati

“I have really enjoyed my time at Gensuite so far and I am looking forward to continuing here for the rest of the summer and part time in the fall. I love that I am doing something different every day and am constantly adjusting to what needs to get done at that particular time.”

Emma has been able gain a lot of insight during her time at Gensuite, getting her ready for her senior year at Xavier University working towards her Computer Science and Information Systems double major. Lately, she’s been working with the recent implementation of Tableau to create internal reports for her team. Not only that, but Emma has also been able to expand upon her coding knowledge, as well as other skills that simply can’t be learned in the classroom.










Kaitlyn Garner | HR Intern | Cincinnati

“My experience here at Gensuite has been great! Being here has given me the opportunity to apply things that I have learned in school to real life scenarios. I also love how much the company cares about their employees and ensuring that everyone is happy and having a good time.”

Majoring in Organizational Leadership from the University of Cincinnati, Kaitlyn has been working with her mentor, Amanda Zepeda, on our Human Resource tasks. Her works includes coordinating interviews for potential employees, running company events and promoting employee engagement.


The work our interns do for us cannot be understated, and we want to reward that with new on-the-job experiences and opportunities to do things that not many other internships can offer. Gensuite is all about building a team of diverse, intelligent and cooperative individuals to help us excel as a company while we help our employees achieve more as well. Are you thinking this is something you’d love to be a part of? Learn about our team culture, company and more and see if one of our positions is right for you at


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