As Gensuite continues to grow, so does Gensuite Mobile. Our compliance and management functional applications seamlessly take you from desktop, to tablet, to mobile, making it easy for you to work on-site or in remote locations. See how the Gensuite Mobile initiative has evolved throughout the years and continues to grow with you.


2012 Mobile Launch

Ever since we first released the Gensuite Mobile App in 2012 – it was called Gensuite On the Go. Users have been able to log, share and lookup data on their tablets and smartphones, all while working in the field, in the office, or anywhere.


2015 Year of Mobile Madness

In 2015, following almost 3 years of use of the Gensuite Mobile App by our global user base, Gensuite conducted a comprehensive review of Mobile functionalities and user experience, and launched a team drive to drive those improvements. The result of this gamified initiative, code-named “Mobile Madness”, was a new and updated Mobile First look and feel launched at the Gensuite Conference in May 2015, together with a new Fast Forward™ functionality that allowed users to create Mobile memos, attach videos, and much more – all without an internet connection.


2016 Tech Growth & User Feedback

As technology has evolved at lightspeed since 2016, so has Gensuite Mobile. In 2016, a user focus group study conducted on our behalf by Verdantix Consulting, Gensuite further improved the features and user experience in the Mobile App.

2017 Application Recharge

2016 led up to and introduced 2017, the Year of Recharge. Gensuite Application Recharge meant bringing on modern designs and faster, smoother experiences to Gensuite Mobile. The significantly improved Mobile experience meant that users across our subscriber group can now do more than ever with Gensuite. Everyday hundreds of new users download and start using the Gensuite App the from the iTunes app store and Google Play store.


2018 Mobile Innovation

In 2018, Gensuite Mobile became integrated with smart technologies, starting with the addition of our very own AI-enabled virtual assistant, Genny™, and location technologies such as beacons and geo-fencing.  Over 65,000 Gensuite Mobile App users today interact with their Gensuite-powered management system in new and innovative ways. Gensuite is committed to setting the standard for Mobile innovation and continuous evolution, embedding ever more smart technologies to engage users and deliver business performance!


Want to see Gensuite evolution in action? Watch the video below.

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