What is Frontier Technology?

 Frontier technology is the next phase in the evolution of modern technology. It’s likely you’ve heard (or used) the phrase “emerging technology” to describe conceptual tech that is years from being developed. Frontier technology is the intersection where radical forward thinking and real-world implementation meet. At Gensuite, frontier technology is the framework we’re using to build the future of workplace health, safety & corporate sustainability – and for many Gensuite subscribers, it’s already a practical reality.

 Technology in the Workplace

Technological advances are enabling companies to create safer, healthier and more sustainable workplaces. Organizations from a multitude of industries are already integrating wearable technology, artificial intelligence and virtual reality into everyday workflows. Automation and robotics are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, and unmanned vehicles like drones are creating safer construction worksites globally. By leveraging the increasingly interconnected nature of our world, companies are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to increase efficiency, instantly access important data and even predict accidents before they take place. In fact, the increasing need for technology development and deployment services is expected to create 20 to 50 million jobs globally by 2030.

 Introducing the Next Generation of Gensuite

At Gensuite, our teams have been dedicated to leveraging the best in tech for over 20 years, beginning with the creation of our web-based software solutions and continuously informed by our ongoing mission to create broader, more intelligent compliance management solutions to simplify complex workflows and improve workplace safety. Today, we’re using emerging technologies to explore the frontier of EHS technology:

 Meet Genny, your Gensuite Virtual Assistant

Artificial intelligence is becoming a fixture in our everyday lives. We’re accustomed to asking Siri to perform internet searches, asking Alexa to play songs and even using Google to create our shopping lists. But what if there was an intelligent assistant who could simplify day-to-day tasks for employees and individuals in the workplace?

Introducing Genny™, the first virtual assistant tailored to meet the needs of professionals in the EHS&S industry and beyond – and the latest Gensuite innovation to come to life. With Genny™, you aren’t alone. She makes maintaining compliance and completing day-to-day functional tasks more accessible than ever before by providing intelligent support and Mobile integrations.

 The Buzz About Beacons

Beacons transmit data to Mobile devices via WiFi signal or Bluetooth technology – enabling workplaces to automate alerts, urgent messages and warnings based on proximity-specific data. By utilizing beacon technology to geofence hazardous areas or worksites, employers can ensure that employees are given the information they need to work safely as they enter specific areas and can instantly view pending actions.

Wearing the Future of Safety

Wearable technology has long benefited athletes and health-conscious citizens, but companies are now integrating wearables into workplace safety management. Wearables allow employers to collect integral safety-related data instantly, while ensuring safer working conditions for employees on an individual level. Sensors embedded into watches and personal protective equipment (PPEs) collect instantaneous biometric data, detecting injuries and accidents while enabling managers to monitor real-time worker health and safety. Smart glasses offer remote guidance, video streaming opportunities and access to company databases via voice command, streamlining remote inspection processes and giving employees access to the information needed for complex activities.

Explore the Future with Predictive Analytics  

Innovations in predictive analytics allow companies to collect and process unprecedented quantities of workplace data to create actionable feedback. Traditional analytics have long been able to chart statistical data to identify patterns of workplace injuries, productivity and security – and predictive analytics are the next step toward the future of accident-free workplaces. By pairing EHS analytics with artificial intelligence and machine learning, digitized EHS management programs can predict future performance through key metrics and suggest key areas of improvement to help prevent injuries from happening.

Gensuite teams have been committed to building the tools EHS professionals need to create safer working environments and a greener earth while maintaining compliance. Frontier technology is our next phase in minimizing risks and maximizing worker health, safety and wellbeing. To learn more about Gensuite’s investment in the future of EHS&S innovation or to discover frontier tech solutions for your site’s needs, visit https://www.gensuite.com/gensuite-frontier-technology/.


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