What brings Virtual Reality, big ideas for data analytics, or a remote presence robot to life? The answer – thought leaders, implementation managers, and partners joining together to intelligently integrate cutting-edge technology for EHS, Sustainability, Quality and risk/compliance functions on a responsive cloud solutions platform.  Those were the themes from the 2017 Gensuite Conference, the latest in our continuing quest for information technology solutions promoting safer, healthier, better quality, more secure and environmentally friendly and sustainable operations!

Over the nearly two decades since 2001, the annual Gensuite Conference has been about collaborative innovation and implementation with a spotlight this year on emerging technology, cutting-edge data analytics, and innovations for enhancing employee engagement.

So, what made this year’s conference unique?

An All New Gensuite Conference App  By integrating Gensuite Mobile with the Gensuite Conference App, the result was an even more personalized experience with personalized QR codes enabling digital meet and greets. The App also enabled attendees to select sessions to attend, leave session feedback, sign-up for one-on-one meetings, nominate their user champions, and earn points for a chance to win cool conference prizes.

Tech Exploration  The conference kick started with a virtual reality environment. Every conference attendee received a set of Virtual Reality glasses for site hazard recognition. The process was simple – go to a URL from a smartphone, open the app, place your smartphone into the VR glasses, and navigate through a series of hazardous situations to identify risks. VR for training is safe and controlled, provides little to no risk to the user – while creating realistic scenarios for many different site types.

The Tech Exploration continued during Tech Night, with exhibitors including AECOM, Pivothead, Proxxiband, Heads Up, and Strongarm featuring their latest innovations.  Attendees discovered how tech innovations could pair with Gensuite solutions, such as the Heads Up Safe smart indicator glasses. Alongside these vendors was a “tech toolbox” to test out tech: gesture control device, virtual reality glasses, mobile infrared camera, and mobile sound level meter with the NIOSH app.

Innovation & Strategic Vision Tracks Data Analytics, Emerging Technology and Employee Engagement. Following a series of very active and engaging conversations, each work group competed for funding for their best idea – the Gensuite version of Shark Tank! Each pitch was masterful – Employee Engagement took the prize with “GenQuest”, a solution concept to bring employees together, boost productivity, and training requirements through gamification.

App Recharge Tour  In 2017, every single application in program areas and functions served by Gensuite is getting an upgrade for faster-loading, responsive pages, standardized design, leading-edge look, feel, and features. Attendees received a preview and personal tour, so they could begin checking out the recharged applications, telling their users, and providing their feedback to Gensuite.

Roundtable Discussions & Workshops  Informal, hands-on sessions on Analytics, Mobile Inspections, Gensuite System Management, challenges/solutions for Manufacturing/Production Ops, Construction/Project Sites, and Warehouses/Distribution. Attendees in each session shared their experiences using Gensuite tech and brainstormed ideas for enhancement. One such example was a subscriber piloting an Analytics add-on for automated bot alerts and report generation.

The 17th Annual Gensuite Conference continued our proud tradition of promoting and integrating new tech and innovative process for enhanced business functional compliance and performance.  This year, the highest compliment we received was from one attendee who said, “Each conference is different from the year before – that’s what makes this a neat conference.”   Thank you & arrivederci –  until next year!


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