The Voice of Gensuite Podcast, starring:

R Mukund  – Gensuite Founder & CEO

Natasha Porter – Gensuite EVP & Customer Development Officer

Donavan Hornsby – Gensuite VP & Strategic Business Development Executive

It may be hard to believe it, but 2018 is almost over! It seems like only yesterday we were planning for 2018 but now our focus is shifting to the next year. But for Gensuite, 2018 has been jam-packed with amazing events and incredible innovations that we just can’t stop talking about!

That’s why this month’s episode of the Voice of Gensuite is bringing three of our most prominent leaders together to take a look back at all we’ve accomplished this year as well as look ahead at what’s to come in 2019. From the past 365 days of Genny™ and Tableau to next year’s goals of our Application Recharge, Smart Glasses and even a little bit of rock climbing, our Gensuite experts go in-depth about why you should be excited about our latest offerings.

Listen to our latest episode here and check out previous episodes to get ready for 2019!



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