The Voice of Gensuite Podcast, starring:

Jenny Yu– Gensuite Leader of Strategic Development and Innovation

Doug Martin– Gensuite Vice President of Business Development, Strategy & Innovation

Blaine Hoffmann– EHS Manager and host of the Safety Pro Podcast


Over the past decade, we’ve seen the rise of Mobile technology take over our lives and enter the workplace. It started with smartphones, but now we see this technology evolving into something new and exciting, wearable technology.

Whether using wearables like Smart Watches and Smart Glasses or other smart technologies, these innovations are changing how we work. In this latest episode of the Voice of Gensuite Podcast, we invite our special guest from the Safety Pro Podcast, Blaine Hoffmann, to talk about this idea of the Connected Worker and how these technologies are contributing to the way we work.

See where the conversation goes in this latest episode of the Voice of Gensuite, and be sure to give a listen to our special guest, Blaine Hoffmann, over at The Safety Pro Podcast.


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