On this week’s special episode of the Voice of Gensuite, Gensuite’s own Jenny Yu appears as a guest on the IIA’s show, AuditCast with host, Tammy Wyche. Listen to this episode of AuditCast (below) and get an inside look at the innovative technologies Gensuite is implementing into auditing.

We know that innovations are what drive industries forward; iPhones changed the phone market, Netflix changed the way we consume media and Amazon has made us rethink how we purchase goods. But where do we get the inspiration for these innovations? Many times, the best innovations come from ideas that are completely left field. Sometimes, even from outside your species.

Our Gensuite Vice President and Strategic Business Development Executive, Donavan Hornsby, shared how users can learn a thing or two about innovation from this personal story:

After struggling to peel a banana (we’ve all been there) Donavan’s son shared an extraordinary way to perform an otherwise ordinary activity.

“You’re doing it wrong, Dad,” he said as he took the banana from Donavan. He flipped it over, pinched the top of what usually is the bottom, and easily pulled back the peel.

“That’s amazing!” Donavan exclaimed, “where did you learn this?”
His son answered, “that’s how monkeys do it.”

Donavan Hornsby shared this story of innovation at our 2018 Gensuite Conference in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. It captures our Gensuite philosophy to always seek inspiration for innovation. At Gensuite, we are pioneering the next generation of EHS technology and beyond with solutions that combine smart phone technology, wearable tech, artificial intelligence and more to enable users to change the way they solve everyday challenges—creating safer and more sustainable environments through the use of new and exciting innovations.

One frontier that Gensuite is leading the charge in is smart auditing. In April 2018, Gensuite partnered with the Institute of Internal Auditors to host the Webinar Auditing Reimagined—sharing Gensuite’s innovative tech solution for auditing now and into the future. Nearly 200 attendees listened to this Gensuite talk—prompting a second follow up podcast.

Recently, Leader for Strategic Development and Innovation at Gensuite, Jenny Yu, spoke on Gensuite’s innovative tech auditing solutions in IIA’s AuditCast episode Innovating the Auditing Practice through Frontier Technologies to speak to unanswered questions from the initial Webinar.

In this episode, you can learn:

  • What industries are embracing tech tools for their auditing
  • What solutions to using Mobile safety programs in oil/gas plants
  • How Gensuite is managing cybersecurity threats
  • Why some EHS auditors are hesitant to incorporate technology
  • How to overcome the learning curve of tech implementation in the auditing process
  • If there are any regulatory barriers seen in the industry
  • And what case studies Gensuite can provide for our Mobile app

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