The 2018 Gensuite Conference was a great success, and our regional conferences are keeping up the momentum around the world. Bringing people together to share in their experiences and ideas in EHS and sustainability is not just beneficial for fellow subscribers, but to us at Gensuite too as we learn what our users are experiencing and even the potential needs they have.

Some of these best-practice sharing conversations were held at the Implementation sessions of the conference, where our amazing Gensuite subscriber champions told their stories of successful strategies with both experienced and new Gensuite users. During one subscriber session, a question was raised regarding accomplishing Gensuite implementation:

“Despite success, is there anything your team would have done differently?”

The answer?

“Adoption wasn’t always great among some of our sites. I knew the [Gensuite] system was good, but I wasn’t always sure how our company would use it prior to deployment. Not knowing what to anticipate can make the early goings difficult.”

This thought was echoed across the subscriber community, as we saw many session attendees agree that implementing new software could be somewhat intimidating, especially among larger sites. We also saw the need for some EHS managers to acquire buy-in from upper management before implementing new software solutions.

Getting the all-important buy-in from managers or even stakeholders is where many organizations need to prove the worth of programs like Gensuite software. Sure, many solutions look great on paper, but getting them into worker hands is what guides your employees and EHS program moving in the right direction. In order to understand a new software system better and to get into the hands of your employees as soon as possible, Gensuite offers READY.

Gensuite READY is the quickest way to get Gensuite software integrated into your company. Whether for your small team or a global company, READY provides a solution that is good to go in just 2-4 weeks. And our pre-configured software is a fraction of the cost of typical EHS software.

So, what can READY do for your company? READY is perfect for any organization that wants to test the waters of the Gensuite EHS software solution, as well as for those who want to find out whether Gensuite is perfect for their employees at a low cost. We currently offer a free trial of the READY platform to allow companies to test drive our proven system.

Another subscriber implementation story that stemmed from our conference was told from a global media corporation with several sites in a variety of countries. They were able to find success by initiating Gensuite pilots before initiating the program across all sites. Gensuite READY makes this process faster than ever—offering the perfect pilot solution with enterprise-level capabilities at single-site costs.

Whether you are demonstrating the value of Gensuite software, you want to get employees comfortable with a new solution, or your company is looking for a pre-configured solution that can deploy at lightning speed, Gensuite READY is the solution that is perfect for you. We’re READY when you are, try it today.


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