The entertainment industry covers a large variety of workplaces—from whimsy-filled theme parks to sets of high-dollar films and your local evening news crew. Even the business of showbiz must comply with regulations, such as protecting sensitive data, overseeing employee safety and managing such dynamic environments.

One of the biggest challenges this industry faces is how quickly things have changed digitally. Although this progression is very exciting, these advancements pose a whole new slew of challenges from a compliance standpoint. This brings significant risks for employee safety, security and data protection.

Though in this instance, risk comes with great reward. Innovations in the entertainment & communications industry mean connecting audiences more closely to the story, film, event or otherwise—bringing an entirely fresh and exciting look at the way we present information. So, how can Environmental, Health & Safety leaders in the industry maintain a safe & sustainable workplace environment as it transforms with the times?

With over 20 years of experience in compliance and management software systems, Gensuite has you covered. Choose from a variety of functional solutions necessary to comply with EHS&S regulations. Some of Gensuite’s related solutions and applications include:

Safety Programs & Procedures

Protect employees, reduce risks and manage overall safety with Gensuite’s safety management solution.

  • Inventory and inspect all routine/non-routine tasks
  • Author Risk Assessments using standard/custom scoring models and approval workflow; publish to open access repository of Risk Assessments available to employees
  • Communicate Risk Assessments available to employees and ensure safety training with Gensuite Training Management suite

Incident Management

Manage site incidents from occurrence to closure, including tools that support preventative action.

  • Flexible EHS incident reporting software tools: engage employees, first aid responders, medical, supervisors and EHS staff
  • Incident investigation, root cause analysis, corrective & preventative action tracking; restricted & return-to-work programs
  • Share incident monitoring and learning enterprise-wide; recommend and track follow-up actions with accident management software
  • Track Injury/Illness rates based on country/region standards with integrated verification; tie-in with HR systems for employee hours worked
  • Integrate with occupational health, medical & Workers Comp systems for case tracking and program visibility
  • Robust reporting, charting and insights: OSHA reporting and log software, build integrated regulatory reports, e.g., UK RIDDOR, etc.

Safety Observations

Encourage your employees to submit safety observations across your sites.

  • Establish customized risk categories and associated behaviors and/or conditions for site safety observations
  • Designate trained “observers” and individual weekly numerical observation targets
  • Activate Risk Category & Behavior/Condition pair at a business level or at various scopes in the hierarchy
  • Utilize Mobile compatibility to record Safety Observations in the field – use with iPads, Windows Tablets, and Android Tablets
  • Print Safety Observations forms for use in the field

Inspection Tool

Conduct internal audits more easily to achieve compliance with Gensuite’s award-winning auditing solution.

  • Conduct scheduled environmental, health and safety (EHS) inspections using assigned checklists and export findings from inspections to the Action Tracking System to correct and drive to closure

To learn additional information on Gensuite’s cloud-based compliance and management solutions made for the entertainment & communications industry, visit here.


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