To conduct successful internal audits, teams must collaborate with one another to assign responsibilities, take notes, share findings and compile a report including all of the data they collected. Doing so enables companies to achieve compliance by identifying problem areas in their programs and taking corrective action. Conducting a full audit usually involves using tools such as Microsoft® Excel, PowerPoint and manual notes to keep everything organized. With many team members working on the same audit, it would be helpful to have a system that managed it all in one place. What if you had an auditing solution that could unite your entire audit team—streamlining the entire process and saving valuable time?

Xylem a leading global water technology provider, wanted to change their safety audit strategy across their Oceania-based sites. They wanted to deploy an audit solution that would…

  • Conduct all audits across worksites in Australia & New Zealand—350 employees across 15 locations
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on safety audits
  • Deploy a solution that makes it easier for audit teams to share findings and identify corrective actions
  • Digitize audits, store information and share investigation notes across team members
  • Mobilize audits – including offline capabilities
  • Update in real-time

The company chose to deploy Gensuite’s award-winning Audit Assistant application to enable Mobile audits across their Australia & New Zealand locations. Cloud-based Audit Assistant streamlines auditing processes by enabling auditors to work as a team to complete assessments together using their Mobile devices, sharing updates in real-time. With Audit Assistant users can…

  • Collaborate, review and finalize findings together – consolidate observations, assign responsible parties and finalize for your audit report out
  • Leverage offline Mobile capabilities to capture observations with photo/video attachments regardless of connectivity
  • Use “Google for Auditors” feature to search regulatory compliance protocols and citations
  • Easily transfer findings into Gensuite Action Tracking System to manage corrective action plans

What results did Xylem realize after deploying Gensuite’s Mobile auditing software?

  • Created a safety assessment program that covers 3-5 audits annually across 15 locations on a 5-year rotation basis
  • Ability to conduct group audits & live share audit findings with other auditors on the team
  • Time savings from eliminating the use of manual notes, Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations & Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets to record and share safety audit data

Xylem established a schedule for safety audits to keep auditors informed and encouraged their team to take a collaborative approach to safety inspections to support a successful program. Making safety a priority across their Australia & New Zealand-based sites is what helped the Xylem team see such positive results.

“Having completed a number of audits prior to the introduction of Gensuite Audit Assistant, the previous method of taking photos, collating data periodically with other auditors, etc was a very manual and slow process. Findings had the chance of being forgotten as it was all “paper” based. Since using the Audit Assistant, the reduction in manual work is a godsend and a big timesaver. The ability to track findings once the audit is completed is a big bonus as now we now problems are being fixed correctly. The uptake of this application and the benefits that have been returned has led to other application being utilized increasing our productivity in auditing and reporting,” said Clayton Flood, Office & Facilities Coordinator, ESHS at Xylem.

In today’s ever-evolving work environment—it’s Gensuite’s job to develop tools that help your team adapt to change. Gensuite works with companies like Xylem to successfully implement compliance & management technology built on best practices and using the best in tech. Our Audit Assistant solution is the perfect collaboration tool for auditors and uses best-in-class Mobile technology to simplify audit and compliance assurance even further. And, we offer all-inclusive training to get your team comfortable using our Mobile solution. Are you interested in deploying Audit Assistant or Gensuite Mobile at your sites? Chat with us—or ask to try Gensuite free!

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