A company’s security program can be compared to the body’s immune system – it is vital to keeping the entity alive and functioning efficiently. Like the immune system, a security program must work to defend the company against invasions, digital or physical. Failure to protect the organization could lead to adverse effects, or even total failure.

With so many factors to consider in company-wide security management, establishing stable security conditions can be an extensive production, especially for large enterprises with global operations. Luckily, advancements in cloud-based technology offer a central solution to address security management concerns.

We asked Gensuite Expert, Mark Boehner, about the importance of deploying a security management system as your first line of defense, and what Gensuite has to offer to put you at ease.

Ma Joelle: How did Gensuite get started supporting security programs?
Mark: One of our biggest subscribers needed a consistent way to track their security programs. Prior to the development of the Gensuite Security Management suite of applications, the company would manage security related incidents and concerns on an ad hoc basis. The company partnered with us to create a program according to their security needs, including site and risk profiling, scheduling of security drills, security auditing and mobile capabilities.

Ma Joelle: What makes Gensuite unique for security management?
Mark: In comparison to other systems on the market, Gensuite’s comprehensive approach, including engagement from all-levels of employees, is unique. Gensuite provides a consistent security program process. Users can submit security concerns, report incidents, assign corrective actions and track those actions to improve security program processes and establish enterprise-wide consistency. Our Security Management program also comes with built-in reports to provide program visibility to management-level employees.

Ma Joelle: What does our Security subscriber base look like?
Mark: Global companies from diverse industries use Gensuite for their security management programs, ranging from finance to consumer products and beyond.

Ma Joelle: What are some recent tool enhancements in Gensuite’s security apps?
Mark: The most recent tool enhancement is the addition of mobile reporting. We currently have 2,500 locations across 120 countries that leverage our Security Incident and Concern Reporting tools. At the beginning of 2017, we developed these applications to be mobile compatible, for security management available at any location. This functionality streamlines incident and concern reporting processes by allowing users to report offline and in-the-field. It also provides instant access to view open security incidents/concerns from mobile devices.

Security management may seem complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Gensuite’s cloud-based Security Management suite of applications streamline the management of current risks and anticipate future threats, providing visibility into your company’s security landscape. Utilize dashboards of data and analytics, with detailed reporting options, including the power of mobile to take with you anywhere, anytime. Take the complexity out of security management, and have peace of mind about securing your company’s future.

Learn more about our Security Management Program, or try Gensuite for free to see it in action.


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